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The new portrait photography service in Edmonton

Even so it's April 1st - we are not joking: JaW Nature Photography Ltd. is expanding its services to offer personal and corporate portrait photography service in Edmonton.

Aren't there enough already some might wonder.... we think there is always space for a few more and everyone has a different philosophy, style and editing preferences.

With a combined photography experience of roughly 3 decades Julie and Wolfgang Photography ( will be happy and well equipped to serve the Edmonton area.

We are aiming for those who want not just their picture taken but want to have a good experience, end up with a photo that describes them, tells a story and leaves an impression.

Even though cell phones are almost everywhere, and there are some really good pictures taken with them, it is the photographer's experience and perspective that makes the difference.

We would be happy to work with you and show you our perspective of yourself, capture the happy moments in your life or help your company by getting a picture that represents you- see you soon!

Julie and Wolfgang

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