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You did it

Graduation - Convocation

  Graduate - Celebrate - Be Proud

Tell your story and mark this special time in your life with a photo shoot to preserve these memories.

Outdoors, indoors (where allowed) or in our professional studio - whatever fits your personal style, vision and budget.

Our grad photo shoot pricing starts at $ 125.

If you are not sure what exactly you are looking for or what options are available book your free consultation call.

There are many safe options available and you can choose if you want digital files only or if you'd like to get a professional print done too.

And it is all very simple to do - read below how it is done!

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Frequently asked questions

What options (length, amount of images, price...) do you offer ?

In your personalized quote you will options about the length of the shoot and the images included. This quote shows the overall length of time we set aside for the shoot. Pricing starts at $ 125. When we meet we try to maximize shooting time but still take time to get to know each other a bit to take the 'stage freight' away and guide you through (e.g. make suggestions for posing). If you want to shoot in multiple locations please let us know during our phone consultation to give you the right options in the quote we provide you. We also include the price for additional images in the quote (no surprises later on), and prints of your images can be bought separately through your private online gallery.

Can you recommend locations (indoors, outdoors and studio)

our pricing includes shooting within the City of Edmonton as well as the surrounding areas (Sherwood Park, Beaumont, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, if your area is not mentioned ? - please inquire!).
Classic locations for Graduation Photo Shoots are the Legislature Grounds, some areas downtown, Whyte Avenue, U of A and outside the High schools, but you are not limited to those of course. If you do not have a location in mind please let us know we will be happy to make suggestions. We can also shoot inside our main studio (north-central Edmonton) or if you want to bring a pet along in the studio of a fellow photographer in Sherwood Park. Please note that many public indoor locations (i.e. Muttard Conservatory, Citadell Theater, City Hall, Botanical Garden of Uof A in Devon,...) are used to be by appointment only AND incur additional costs (charged by the City of Edmonton) not covered in our quote unless specifically mentioned.

How many pictures do I get and what does 'edited' mean/include?

The 'amount of images included' refers to the number of pictures (digital JPEG-files only, unless specified or chosen in quote) included with the chosen option from the quote. You can also add-on more pictures (digital files or actual print) later in the proof gallery ( add-on prices or buy-all options will be available). The pictures we take will be edited. This means we make slight adjustments to brightness, contrast, sharpness and also colour-correct if needed. In standard editing we also remove minor, temporary blemishes if you want. Our standard editing does not include major photo-manipulations (i.e. change backgrounds, removing people/objects from backgrounds, etc.).
These services are available for an extra charge as add-on.

Why a quote and contract ?

We always use a quote and contract for our photo shoots. We see them as communication tools where we spell exactly out what services to expect, what is included and what not.

What if we have to change outdoors ? Mobile changeroom

To make it easier for you to change outfits in locations other than our studio or at your place, we bought a pop-up structure aka mobile changeroom (see image) that comes in very useful when you need to change in public.
It provides perfect privacy on the go, and after its done, It can also be very entertaining watching us trying to fold it up again.

What about Covid-19  and physical distancing?

All that works fairly easy: the contract and payment can all be done digital,
the consultation is via phone and during the shoot we can keep a
very safe distance due to the use of telephoto lenses -
see the image. photoshoot with physical distancing
If we shoot in-studio we will make sure we keep the appropriate distance and all
surfaces will be sanitized before and after the shoot (the studio is big enough for many people to still physicall distcance.

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