In the professional world, a headshot is often the first impression we get of somebody else.  Whether looking at a website, a LinkedIn profile or a business card with an image, you got one shot at this –  make it count.

Any business profile, social media profile, flyer, business card, website profile showing a face to a name has a much higher likelihood of being opened, saved, used or getting a response than a blank name without a picture.

Pictures even outrank words or fancy logos by far when it comes to personal connections and being remembered (don’t mix that up with brands – there logos are essential). This is called the “Picture Superiority Effect” in short pictures and images are more likely to be recalled than words (names).
  • Head Shot Photography ( tailored to your needs )

  • Team Photography ( present your team in the best way to your customers and clients )

Frequently asked questions

How many shots do I get?

Depending on the option you coose in your quote. Typically three and up.

Do you do groups/teams?

Absolutely! We love doing the whole team/company and your advantge? a competitive pricing and the same 'look'/quality on all the images for your team! (no more patchwork on the website...)

We have multiple people in need of headshots - can you come to us?

Yes we can!

We have a fully mobile set-up and can come to your headquaters and/or shoot on site (i.e. satelite offices or branches).

We need very little space to set up and can offer different methods for the delivery of the individual files (centralized download or individual delivery).

Can you add our logo/background colours to the images?

Absulutely. We can add images, logos, backgrounds and even composite single shots into a group-image! And on the other side we can also make things 'go away' if needed (thanks to Photoshop).

We have multiple locations all over the place - do you travel?

Yes, we do travel and make sure all your images have the same look and style.

We would love to cover all of them for you - please contact us!

Are my photos going to be retouched?

Yes typically they are. We customize the level of retouching to your needs, always making sure they look still natural and skin does not look like 'plastic'!

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