Glamour Photography

- for Images as unique as you 

Picture a classic Hollywood portrait from the mid 20th century.

Elegance, femininity, class, curves, dazzle, and style are just a few words that can describe the aim of a glamour photograph and describe the subject portrayed.

Think of classic beauty, well-posed and -lit sassiness, emphasizing curves without wearing revealing clothing or lingerie. If you look for the latter please check our Boudoir Photography page

Glamour shoots are fun and empowering experiences that make you feel alive, sexy and self-confident and return images that your are glad to show your fiends and family.

Good to know

Glamour Portraits vs Boudoir Photography - whats the difference ?

The lines between Galmour- and Boudoir Photography are a bit blurred and also depend on your comfort level.

Galmour Photography focuses on the beauty and femininity of the subject, creating a photos with great expression with a touch of sensuality. In general elegant, wardorbe is worn, emphasizing curves and form without being too revealing.

Glamour images are meant to be shared with a friends and family and can easily be posted on social media or be printed and displayed in the livingroom.

Boudoir Photography also focuses on beauty but is in general a bit more revealing - either directly or in a playful manner leaving things to the imagination.

During a Boudoir session the model often wears more revealing cloth or lingerie, posing in private locations like a bathroom, bedroom or other personal areas.

Glamour images are typically intended for onself and to be shared with a romantic partner.

If you are not sure which one is for you send us and email and let's find out together!

Glamour Portraits - how does it work?

For a typical portrait shoot we have a consultation, where we get to know each other set a date and location.

After the consultation, determining a theme/look for the final images, co-ordination with other possibly involved creatives (Hair- and Make-Up artists, dress designer, accessories…), choosing a location we get to work and prepare everything for your shoot.

The photo shoot itself can take place almost anywhere – our professional photo studio, a rented venue, outdoors or any other location.For some Glamour more than one location/shoot day may be required.

How much more of an investement it is is hard to say due to the many variables. Because the outcome is much more exciting does not necesary mean the cost involved must be crazy too.

Book a free consultation call and let us see what would be needed for your dream-shoot!

How much does a Glamour Portrait shoot cost ?

As a starting point (no Hair/Make-Up, no special effects) plan for a budget starting at $350, but as mentioned beforehand after we have our free consultation we can provide you with a detailed and exact quote.