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Boudoir  Photography

- for Images as unique as you 

Compared to Glamour-sessions, Boudoir Sessions are more personal, more daring and more focused on the 'sexy' in you.

A common reason to book your Boudoir session is  that you book for yourself, to celebrate, to mark a milestone and to feel good about yourself.

Another reason is to book a Boudoir session as a gift to your partner - whether the shoot is for him or her or you want to give your partner a beautiful gift i.e. a printed album of your own Boudoir session. 

Whatever the reason behind booking is, we will make sure your pictures are sexy, tasteful and that you will love them.

Questions? here are a few answers . . .

Glamour Portraits vs Boudoir Photography - whats the difference ?

The lines between Galmour- and Boudoir Photography are a bit blurred and also depend on your comfort level.

Galmour Photography focuses on the beauty and femininity of the subject, creating a photos with great expression with a touch of sensuality. In general elegant, wardorbe is worn, emphasizing curves and form without being too revealing.

Glamour images are meant to be shared with a friends and family and can easily be posted on social media or be printed and displayed in the livingroom.

Boudoir Photography also focuses on beauty but is in general a bit more revealing - either directly or in a playful manner leaving things to the imagination.

During a Boudoir session the model often wears more revealing cloth or lingerie, posing in private locations like a bathroom, bedroom or other personal areas.

Glamour images are typically intended for onself and to be shared with a romantic partner.

If you are not sure which one is for you send us and email and let's find out together!

Boudoir Sessions - how do they work?

For a Boudoir shoot we start with a consultation, where we get to know each and talk open about your ideas, comfort level and expectations.

After the consultation, we provide you with a quote, detailing what is in involved and the exact cost of the shoot. In this quote we will list in detail what is included in the package (i.e. Hair-MakeUp yay/nay, location rental if applicable and so on)

The photo shoot itself can take place almost anywhere – our professional photo studio, a rented venue, or any other location.

We have done shoots in our studio in clients homes, on a farm, in a repair-shop - there are many loctions that can be used. It all depends on the style you want and on your comfort level.

During the shoot we will give you directions for posing and guide you through your experience.

After the shoot is finished we will edit your imahges and , depending on the option chosen, either upload your images in a gallery for download or order your printed items (i.e. albums, enlarged prints for hanging on a wall,....).

Book a free consultation call and let us see what would be needed for your dream-shoot!

How much does a Boudoir shoot cost ?

As a starting point (no Hair/Make-Up, venue rentals) plan for a budget starting at $350, but as mentioned beforehand after we have our free consultation we can provide you with a detailed and exact quote.

I want too, but can I bring someone along?

short answer : YES long answer: yes - but, we ask that your bring a friend, not your romantic partner (unless it is a couples boudoir shoot). Why you ask? We found that clients have a hard time acting natural in front of a camer when the partner stands in the background watching (weird - isn't it?) we don't really know why this happens but we find people are much more relaxed with us alone or with a e.g. bestie around.

Who will see the images? Can I keep them private ?

You of course and us (Wolfgang as the photographer taking and editing them, Julie as the assistant on site). We will ask you if you are ok that we use some of the images for our website and social media, but will of course take a no for an answer if you want to keep them private. Whomever you want to share your images with is entirely your business. If you wish to keep your images private does not change our efforts to provide you with the best images possible or the price.

Can I get my images printed or an album of them?

Yes, we can provide you with many amazing options including gorgeous print albums to comemorate this special event for you.

Boudoir sessions - are they all the same ?

Absolutely not! Every session - like every person - is different.

This does not just mean the geneal layout of the images , this refers to anything.

  • Outfits: you can wear anything from lacy outfits to lingerie to your birthday suit - and anything in between, The most important thing is that your are comfortable.

  • Locations:

    • we can shoot in our studio and get crafty with lights backgrounds and a wide array of furniture, including a claw-foot bath tub for 'wet shoots'

    • we can shoot at a place you are familiar with i.e. your home or a firends home

    • we can shoot at a temporary aka rented location i.e. a AirBnB

    • we can find a cool spot for you if you want a specific theme for your shoot i.e. have alook in the gallery at our heavy-duty mechanic...

  • Amount of Sass: this is something that is determined by your comfortlevel. more skin does not necessarily equal more sass but it may help. we will show you some of the pictures on the back of our camera to keep you 'up to date' and get some feedback from you

  • other condierations may be colour-themed shoots (i.e. your favourite colour), re-creating a shoot you have seen somewhere and really would like to re-create,

...more questions?
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