Give your brand a uniform, easily recognizable face and style. 
A coherent style in imagery is important to support the brand-feel. Spanning your social media, websites, print materials and signage - your images will be the first thing your customers and clients notice -long before they read the first words.

Frequently asked questions

Can you incorporate my logo or colours?

Yes we can incorporate whatever you like in your images.

I need a wide array of different images for mailers, web, calendars and business cards - can you accomodate that?

Yes - in our consultation we will ask specific questions to get an idea about your needs and based on that can give you either a fixed quote (given amount of images and time) or a flexible quote where you can chose multiple shoot-dates, amount of images and other options.

I need models to present my products - can you find some for me?

Yes - we have good connections in the industry and can find

  • Models

  • Hair- andMake-up Artists

  • Shoot-Locations

for you. Please be as specific as you can in ourconsultation!

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