Similar to Branding  - Product Photography - can help you to make a great first impression. Your potential customers and clients get the right 'picture' from you and your product or service.

Whether it is one piece or a whole collection - great pictures help your clients and customers make the connection to your products and your brand and associate their needs with your offerings.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of products can you shoot?

As long as we can get toit we can shoot pretty much everything.

We are able to shoot mobile (small items, i.e. clothing, food , jewllery,...) and also bigger, immovable objects (i.e. Real Estate).

This can be important for the decision if we can shoot it at your company, in our studio, on a special location or wherever the objects is placed/mounted.

Can you edit little flaws out ?

Yes we can do that easily as well as other forms of digital editing. Please inquire.

Can you change backgrounds, colours or combine different images?

Yes, we can!

I need a lot of images - whats the cost?

Product shoots are priced individually and pricing depends on a number of factors. Please feel free to ask for a free consultation and quote!

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