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Here we is some free content we have for you starting with our free posing guide. Please click the icon to download and save this pdf for your personal use.
We will add further information and helpful tips for you as we are able to make them (believe us it takes an astonishing amount of time - but it also a lot of fun and of course we love doing this for you!)

Get your free posing guide and improve your posing !

In this mini-series you get helpful tips to improve your posing and you will be able to download your posing guide for FREE - yours forever

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Please use the easy to use contact form below to ask or inquire for pricing on our photography services whether it is for portraits, family, events or business related or suggest ideas to us.

We are always striving to help our clients and help you with your photographic needs. If you prefer you can also contact Wolfgang on his cell by calling or texting.

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