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Behind the lenses

​We wanted to quickly welcome you here and introduce ourself briefly.

We met only a few short years ago and got married in 2015 after we realized we finally found who we were looking for all along.

Julie is originally from Saskatchewan and worked her way through accounting and finance until she ended up on the IT-end of things. After they met she got infected with the photography virus by Wolfgang.

He, originally from Austria, was originally a landscape architect/designer and changed his career to become a registered massage therapist .

Wolfgang started photography back in 1993 (yeah, good old 35mm film days) and had always a passion for it since , especially nature and people.

Besides enjoying to work with people, Julie and Wolfgang also enjoy nature photography and volunteering at WILDNorth Wildlife Rehabilitation.

More of our nature photography can be found at

Your home, your company or in our Studio

​Finding the right place can be difficult. At Julie and Wolfgang Photography Ltd. we are happy to offer you a wide variety of choices and find the right location for your photo shoot:

If you prefer to have your photos taken in your home or at the place of your business we come to you. We have a fully mobile set-up and can get our lighting right almost everywhere. Specifically if you have small children or somebody with mobility issues this makes things a lot easier - or you simply want to have an image under your own Christmas tree.


If you have a very specific place in mind please let us know and we will check what needs to happen to shoot there.

Outdoor locations are generally free to use in Edmonton but if you want to shoot inside a public or privately owned building we need to check what is necessary to be allowed to shoot in there (i.e. many public buildings charge extra if you want to shoot inside, the charges vary from building to building).


No location? No problem!  We do have a studio available for our shoots as well.


The studio is fully equipped with a cyclorama (white, seamless background with no edges, up to 14 ft high), ideal for portraits, fashion and product photography), white and black fixed backdrops and a palette of coloured solid backdrops as well as green chromakey backdrop. We share this studio with a  few other professionals.

Additionally there are (faux) lit windows, a cast-iron claw-foot tub, curtains and several other pieces of furniture.

To get ready for fashion, portrait and boudoir shoots there is also a separate make-up/change room.

To review your images or heave a meeting we have also a conference room available.

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