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European Designer Product shots and behind the scenes images

As a new year begins we were invited to an exciting collaboration with Edita Podrimaj, a local designer of handmade bridal and evening gowns as well as accessories.

At Julie and Wolfgang Photography, we always enjoy being involved in fun collaborations like this, doing our part to show everyone's hard work and creations in the best way possible.

It is astounding to see what vision paired with craftsmanship and persistence can bring to light. Combining raw materials (fabric, wires, crystals and other materials), reshaping and reforming them, giving them function and purpose.

For this particular shoot the team consisted of Julie and Wolfgang from Julie and Wolfgang Photography , Edita and husband Burim from , our hair and make-up artist (HMUA) @robena_mua (IG), and Mileydi Cristancho @mileydicristancho (IG). The shoot took place in our studio on the north side of Edmonton on Dec 27th.

The Shoot:

To give you a bit of an idea of the behind the scenes and what time-commitment we had.:

we all met around 6:15 pm at the studio and then Robena (HMUA) and Mileydi got to work, assisted by Edita. Hair and Make-up was finished very fast. We started shooting around 7:30 pm and wrapped up around 10:20 pm.

During this time we shot several different hair pieces,had a few outfit changes and also some quick image reviews in between to make sure we had the right images for the intended purpose. Each headpieces was shot in a few different poses to show various angles to give the potential customer a clear visual of what the products look like.

Equipment used:

Nikon D750, Nikkor 70-200/f4 @f8+, Godox flashes and Lightrein studio lighting, Manfrotto tripods and Colormunky Passport (colour calibration tool, enabling an accurate colour reproduction,see image below)

Post Production:

After the successful shoot, the images were uploaded into a private (password protected) gallery on Shootproof, where Edita was able to apply different labels to the images, as were the model and the HMUA. This process enables a speedy selection , clear communication and is very time-effective as it can be done online from anywhere.

The editing was done by Julie and Wolfgang Photography in Lightroom, Photoshop and Portrait Pro. The final images were delivered as full sized JPEG files in and uncropped format. This was discussed with Edita and we agreed that for intended purposes it would be best if she could chose her own cropping depending on the intended use/medium.

The time from the day of the shoot to delivery of the final images was about a week including the pre-selection and providing two different final editing options to the client

Final thoughts:

It was a great time and the team worked very well together which of course made everything even better.

We were able to finish the headpieces and in a very good amount of time and had time at the end to shoot one of Edita's dress creations. Seeing Mileydi in this stunning creation was just an absolute treat we want to share with you:

Thank you for your interest in reading this short-ish behind the scenes blog - soon we will have more to report from this ongoing and stunning collaboration!

cheers Julie and Wolfgang

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