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and we have 'Take off!"

It has been a busy week for us here at The whole team (Julie and I ;-) ) worked hard to get the website and social media (fb #julieandwolfgangphotography , Instagram #julieandwolfgangphotography) up and running. The responses have been very positive and encouraging.

We also put out a model-call for some portfolio shoots in one of the local Facebook-photography sites here in Edmonton and got a really good response - we are looking forward to working with those models and creating new and exciting photographs with unique looks.

Yes- so far everything has worked very well and great support was shown to us -THANK YOU to everyone!

We have every intention to keep going and welcome input and new photo-challenges!

If you want to work with us or know someone who would want to or should -please contact us through our contact page or write us an email to

Now enjoy your weekend, we'll have more for you next week


Julie and Wolfgang

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