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 + High School Graduation + College Graduation + Convocation + Trade School + NAIT + UofA + Grant McEwan + King's College

Mark this special time in your life with a a special photo shoot and preserve these memories.

Outdoors, indoors (where allowed) or in our professional studio - whatever fits your personal style!

What our clients say:

"Thank you both -- am thoroughly impressed -- already a treasured set."                              Peter M.

"This husband/wife team are an amazing/creative duo to work with! The made all appropriate precautions. Were patient and Understanding. Totally get model struggles. Have that extra pair of hands. Pulled out some amazing shots across the board! differing in both mood and perspective. Very pleased to have worked with them and hope to do so again soon! Highly recommend!"   

                                    Danielle K.

"Julie and Wolfgang did a fantastic job and went above and beyond all expectations. First of all, they scouted the locations for me, the day before, ie. to ensure that conditions were suitable, confirm the shoot conforms to city bylaws and rates, etc. (. . . )The price is a steal, and expect it to be going up very soon! For anything from special family photos, to a professional modelling photoshoot, Julie and Wolfgang offer an incredible experience!"                                                                            M.V.

Now all you need are some options ?  Here you go ! 

Please have a look below to see our three most popular options for Graduation Photo Shoots and see which suits your needs best.

In the unlikely event that you are not finding what you are looking for please contact us here and let us know what you are looking for and we will see what we can do for you!

Also please note that there are a few more details and FAQ's answered below the options fields.

Option 1
  • 20 minutes 
  • 5 edited digital pictures included
  • one location, outdoors
  • one outfit
  • private online proof gallery
  • 10 minute phone consultation beforehand
  • additional edited pictures $ 20 each
$ 100
regular $ 125 - save $ 25
regular $ 250 - save $ 50
  • 60 minutes
  • 15 edited digital pictures included
  • in our studio or one to two outdoor locations*
  • 2-3 outfit changes*
  • mobile changeroom
  • private online proof gallery
  • 10 minute phone consultation beforehand
  • additional edited pictures $ 16 each
Option 2
$ 200
* = time permitting
regular $ 500 - save $ 125
  • 120 minutes
  • time can be split over two dates
  • 25 edited digital pictures included
  • outdoor and our studio*
  • multiple outfit changes*
  • mobile changeroom
  • private online proof gallery
  • 15 minute phone consultation beforehand
  • additional edited pictures  $ 12 each
Option 3
$ 375
* = time permitting
What to expect when you booked:
When you click "Book this Photoshoot" you willl be directed to our online -booking system.
There you can choose a date and time. Only available spots are shown. 
After a successful booking you will get a confirmation e-mail and we will get in contact with you for your consultation call.
We will also e-mail you a quick check-list to get ready and a photography contract which you can sign online or print and bring along.
On the day of the shoot we meet up on the chosen location, get set up and make sure we get the best pictures possible. 
After the shoot we will set up an online proof gallery for you to review and choose your images.
When you have chosen your favourites we will do the final editing and your images will be delivered to you via digital download, typically we have the final edits to you within a week from the day you choose.
Other details and FAQ's to Grad Photo Shoots:
the above shown times (20/69/120) minutes refer to the shooting time. This includes setting up and taking down equipment if needed and in multiple locations up[ to 15 minutes travel time (e.g. the time needed to get from the Legislature Grounds to some interesting areas along Whyte Ave). 
For Option 3 (120 mins) we recommend a split of about 60 mins on location and 60 minutes in studio to make the most of it.
"outdoors" / Locations:
our pricing includes shooting within the City of Edmonton and Sherwood ParK as well as the surrounding areas.
Typical locations for Graduation Photo Shoots are the Legislature Grounds, some areas downtown, Whyte Avenue, U of A and outside the High schools. If you do not have a location in mind pleas e let us know we will be happy to make suggestions.
# of edited digital pictures:
refers to the  number of pictures included with your option. You can also add-on more pictures later in the proof gallery for the specified add-on price per picture.
Why a contract:
we always use a contract for our photo shoots. We see it as a communication tool where we spell exactly out what services to expect, what is included and what not.
What does "edited" mean/include:
the pictures straight out of camera will be digitally edited. This means we make slight adjustments to brightness, contrast, sharpness and also colour-correct if needed. In standard editing we also remove minor, temporary blemishes if you want.
"Edited' does not include major photo-manipulations (i.e. change backgrounds, removing people/objects from backgrounds, etc.).
These services may be available for
an extra charge - please inquire.
What's a mobile changeroom:
a pop-up structure (see image) that comes in very 
useful when you need to change in public. It provides
perfect privacy on the go, and after its done, it can
be very entertaining watching us trying to fold it up again.
Physical distancing - how does it work:
Fairly easy actually: the contract and payment
can all be done digital, the consultation is via
phone and during the shoot we can keep a
very safe distance due to the use of telephoto
lenses -see the image to the right.
If we shoot in-studio we will make sure we
keep the appropriate distance and all surfaces
will be sanitized before and after the shoot.
a fully equipped professional photo and video studio
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