'Fine Art Photography' & 'Creative Portraits'

. . . what are they and why they might be exactly right for you

"Fine Art - creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content"

Oxford Dictionary

Feel like you wanna do something different?

Leave the classic portraits behind, get out your favourite dress, wear those fancy heels and show the world what you've got!

...and when it comes to your family celebrations - we are right there for you.

Graduations, engagements, anniversaries, the favourite aunt and uncle visiting or even a divorce party - every celebration deserves great photos !

How it works

While great care is taken during the planning, capturing and post-processing (editing) of conventional portrait shoots, Fine art Portraits go a few steps beyond that.

FAPs require more preparations and planning beforehand. Determining a theme, co-ordination with other creatives (Hair- and Make-Up artists, dress designer, accessories…) and planning the desired outcome takes some extra time.

The photo shoot can take place almost anywhere – our professional photo studio, a rented venue, outdoors or any other location. For some creative photoshoots more than one location is required to get all the different elements needed for the final image.

Post-processing (editing) here is where a lot of the magic happens. Using different programs, we bring the ideas and the images together and create something entirely new and magical. This process can be quite elaborate and may take a couple weeks.

What it costs

FAPs and Creative Portraits are personalized and every single one is different and therefore they are generally priced individually starting at $$$.

After receiving your inquiry, we will set up a consultation with you either on the phone or via zoom-call (during covid-restrictions).

In this call we listen to your ideas and visions, discuss options, and also can provide some input and develop ideas together with you even further.

During your consultation we will also discuss your budget, discuss timelines, and go into any further questions you may have.